From Here We Grow. Together We Rise.

In 2020, farmers did more than endure. Farmers thrived. So join all of us at Bayer as we recognize our farmers’ perseverance and express our gratitude for their efforts. Because together we don’t just celebrate and appreciate. Together we rise.

Discover some of the Bayer solutions that helped make success possible, while learning about the innovative products and technologies we've developed to help you face the growing season ahead.


Together We Experience.

Don't miss a single learning session or brand presentation during Commodity Classic. And remember: there will be an archive of video recordings of the presentations from this year's event, just in case you missed one.


Make Yourself
Eligible in Minutes.

Qualifying for the prize package from our featured brands only takes a few minutes. First, spend some quality time with the content from TWO or more brands on this site between now and March 5. Next, simply submit your name and photo for this year’s Appreciation Mosaic.

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Who Could It Be Now?
There’s Only One Way to Find Out.

Win daily admission to our exclusive VIP happy hours. Featuring a cocktail tutorial and private concert from a mystery performer. To be eligible, simply explore the content on this site. The more you explore, the better your chances. VIPs will be selected daily, so you can win up to three times.

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Bayer Appreciation Project

At the heart of the relationship between farmers and the places they call home is a spirit of appreciation. Appreciation from all of us for the ongoing efforts of our nation’s farmers. Appreciation from farmers for the communities that make it possible for them to live out their dreams. To celebrate this uniquely personal connection, this year we invite you to join all of us at Bayer as together we create the Bayer Appreciation Project.


Be Part Of The Big Picture. Literally.

By contributing your photo to this farmer-focused project, you’re helping show how intertwined farmers are with our communities. Each of you are an integral piece to the puzzle. And of course, you’re also taking a huge step to making yourself eligible for the Together We Rise prize package.

Farmer Appreciation

Together We Say Thanks.

Get to know what (and who) farmers like you from all over are grateful for, not to mention why so many of them keep going -- and growing -- strong.

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A Brighter Tomorrow Starts With Us.

From food banks to fire stations, Bayer Fund is helping the future of rural communities with $2,500 grants that make a positive impact on rural nonprofits. Since 2010, we have awarded more than $59 million to thousands of nonprofits, aspiring ag students and public schools across rural America.

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